Attractive pricing and excellent service quality are the standard; Getting the job done and true dedication to your project sets me apart from the competition. Get in contact for a personalized offer. There is no guarantee to get your projects funded or manuscripts published, but I will guarantee full customer satisfaction.

Does the range of services provoke your curiosity? Have a look at ‘My Story’.

Expert Review & Feedback

Academic editing (proposals, manuscripts, etc.) ranges from overall feedback to detailed revisions. Since each document is unique, I offer ‘First Impression Feedback’ as a cost-effective point of entry into the editing process. Often, this structured feedback provides sufficient suggestions to improve the document. If required, additional editing services are available at an hourly rate. 

  • First Impression Feedback (small): CHF 390,-
  • First Impression Feedback (medium): CHF 590,-
  • First Impression Feedback (large): On request
  • CV, Research output, Career plan feedback package: CHF 232,50
  • Editing services: CHF 155,- / hour

Pricing for First Impression Feedback is based on the size of the document: ‘small’ ~10 pages; ‘medium’ ~20 pages; and ‘large’ more than 20 pages.


Every document will benefit from a final round of proofreading. I strongly suggest to ask colleagues for an expert perspective. However, as an outsider I can critically review your texts for errors and inconsistencies.

  • Proofreading services: CHF 155,- / hour


In close collaboration with the client, we can develop outreach activities, press releases, and specific sections of grant proposals (training programs, impact section, organisation & management concepts, communication strategies, etc.).

  • Academic writing services: CHF 155,- / hour

Career coaching

Are you looking for ways to maximize the success of your academic career? An outsider perspective might be just what you need. With 10 years of academic research experience (from PhD student to co-groupleader), and over 5 years as an external consultant, I can coach you towards your next career stage.

  • Coaching sessions (typically 2 hours): CHF 185,- / hour

Innovation Strategies

My familiarity with the (inter)national funding landscape allows me to develop strategic approaches towards fundraising for academia and innovation industry. Let’s discuss how I can help to develop and expand your funding portfolio.

  • Exploratory intake session (typically 2 hours): CHF 155,- / hour
  • Basic portfolio analysis and fundraising strategy: CHF 540,-
  • Additional follow-up services: CHF 155,- / hour

Event photography

Do you want to strengthen your communication with personalized visuals? I offer photography services for events on location. Inquire about the possibilities.

  • Photoshoot on location: CHF 155,- / hour (excluding travel expenses)
  • Post-processing: CHF 155,- / hour
  • Licensing rights: on request (and via Photoshelter)

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